Dimming&Smart Intelligent Lighting System „itouch“

Itouch is a lighting management system for outdoor lighting. It offers simple web applications to analyze, plan and maintain workflow management, whilst you can monitor, manage and measure your connected lighting through the applications. Itouch is an end-to-end management system that integrates connected devices, with its intuitive web-based applications.

The lightings can be equipped with a standard NEMA 7-pin receptable, enabling an easy entry at any time to the digital era of lighting and ensuring compatibility with advanced lighting features to plan, monitor and control outdoor lighting networks.

Itouch connect application – Sense, Connect and Engage

Add a typical lighting scenarios, make lamps for lighting according to their parameter settings, which by presetting illumination intensity, timer, switching mode, switching period and other parameters. A remote lighting management tool that lets you sense, connect and engage all connected lights securely and remotely through a close to real-time, map-based view using any standard web browser, via your existing mobile network. The result is an advanced platform that makes handling your lighting infrastructure easy to analyze, plan and maintain. It allows you to modernize your lighting infrastructure and become a connected smart city.

Reference – CCT & CRI

CRI (Ra) – Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of an artificial light source to reproduce the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with natural sunlight. Sunlight was defined aus an ideal light source and having a CRI of 100.

Wenn making CRI comparison for any kind of light source, suggest choosing the same color for the lights being compared, so it will be easier to determine the results.

CRI (Ra) – Color Rendering Index Sample: When displaying raw meat, yellow light makes meat look fresh and delicious, but how can I know which yellow light`s CRI is the best?

A and B light: The color of the object looks better when under B light.

B and C light: Both of them are fine but with different feeling



CCT – Correlated Color Temperature

CCT value represents the color of different kinds of light source; standard unit for color temperature is Kelvin(K). You can see the color of yellow stays between 3000 – 4000K and color white between 5000 – 6000K.