Import Business:

We import goods from the other country to Germany to EU. To distributor them in EU as exclusive distributor.

Such as street light pole , LED light, Surgical gowns, and native products from China. We hope we could bring good quality , right culture from China to EU , to show our real culture to the world.

Export Business

We export goods for a long period of time. Such as baby windle from Swiss, Riesling wine from Rheingau, chocolate from some special family,fragrance from Italy, medical products and so on. Now we are just focus on someone who are interested in exclusive agreement with EU country on some special products.

That`s why we have our exporter partner Loxun GmbH from 2020.6 to especially working on exclusive export business to Chinese mainland market.

Here are our business partner

  • Joydivision
  • Bijoux
  • MYF
  • Goufrais
  • Fashy
  • Ryker