Our Advantage

Rich trading business experience between European and China, more than 20years.

We have three teams in the world work together, Shanghai , Bremen, and Malaysia. Supposing customize solution for customer all the time.

In China, we have around 20 technical elites to support customize solution.

We come from china, ensure the best quality on exporting to EU. Serve to the people in the whole world.

As a German company, we have our Key location position in EU mainland. We uphold serious working attitude with fair and just to develop EU market.

As a repesentitive company in EU, we build up a nice and friendly bridge between China and EU.

our Introduction

Howee GmbH is located at Bremen , 100km far away from Hamburg port. Easier for transporting and warehouse.

We have rich experience on trading business import and export between China and Europe. We have long-term cooperation partner on logistic forwarding company to help us custom clearance. We know how to help customer arrange goods transportation by sea or by air on right time with right price.

Street light is our traditional products import from Shanghai to Europe and USA for more than 20years. Particularly on the period time of Corona-virus in 2020. We help several European country and Africa import epidemic goods from China , such as Thermometers, Disposable medical mask, surgical gowns, Nitril hand gloves and disinfection products.

During this period of time , we recognize our mission is not only on trading business but also on purchasing , product quality controlling and on reputation.

So we invest a lot of time on negotiating with factory , about technical, delivery time, and payment. Our knowledge is to ensure product quality is to ensure customer benefits.

Our global team help us arrange everything going through well and succesfully daily and weekly efficient.

Our Team

Mr Qiming Wu

General Manager
Life Motto: Attack your Limitation, change your fate.
Advocate: Samurai spirit.

Chengyao He

Marketing sales
Life Motto: Nothing impossible.Play for keeps
Love to Enjoy the life. Love nature.

Tony Xu

Merchandiser Manager
Life Motto: The very moment of raising beginner’s mind is the accomplishment of true awakening itself. To do your best.
Like reading, jogging, music.

Jingqian Xiong

Business Legal Advisor
Life Motto: Keep young, past life just like a beginning.
Like reading, thinking and tasty food.


Sales - 2 persons

Who could take company business as his own business.
Who could stand on customer benefits to thinking and working.
Who could deal with order by order seriously, pragmatic.
Who like to make money.

Contact information

Email address: info@howee-gmbh.com

TEL: +49 421 9601500


Office address: Hermann-Köhl-Straße 7, 28199 Bremen Germany