International Information and Communication Exhibition 2020 in China

China 2020 International Information and Communication Exhibition (PT Exhibition) was held in Beijing on the 14th. Oct.This is the first major offline industry event in the communications industry after the telecommunications industry has been hit by the epidemic for half a year.

In response to the epidemic, for the first time this year, the PT exhibit adopted the method of simultaneous online and offline viewing.

Despite the impact of the epidemic, this year’s PT has improved and innovated significantly in terms of exhibit scale, authoritative conference forums, and display formats. The PT exhibition includes 5G, networking of things, industrial internet, satellite internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, data center and big data etc. corresponding products, technologies and solutions. In addition, there will be a number of exhibition areas related to new infrastructure content, such as B. an industrial Internet exhibition area, an exhibition area for intelligent light towers, an exhibition area for the mobile networking of things and an exhibition area for the satellite positioning of Beidou.

As an important hub for new infrastructures in the 5G era, the intelligent light mast project is still an important topic and a focus of the discussion. At this large event, many exhibitors brought samples for smart lighting poles and new research and development technologies for smart lighting poles.

Ningbo Morelux Light Pole Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of 5G smart light poles, smart garden lights, smart common poles, road poles, outdoor lights, etc. The company has EN40-6 EU standard for aluminum alloy light poles, 8 patents for domestic new models and 43 patents for get the look.