It is use to provide the safety cable connection, termination and looping for electrical supply in Street Lighting pole. It is also equipped with HRC Fuse for overload protection.


High Pressure moulding flame retardant thermo plastic injection.

High impact resistance and heat resistance.

All terminals and terminal screws are fabricated from solid brass.

Incoming terminals boxes are serrated to ensure good contact with all types of conductor.

Design for terminating and looping.

Flexible wiring alternatives single phase 240V looping or 3 phase 415V looping.

Easy for phase balancing.

Easy installation and maintenance.

Compact dimensions with a narrow width of 106mm makes units

Fully insulated enclosure.

Integral terminal shield shrouding both the live and neutral incoming terminal of double pole cut-out when carrier is removed.

Safety padlock facility is to obstruct the insertion of the carrier during maintenance work.

Screw Down Carrier offering enhanced security and safety.

Stringent manufacturing quality control and warranted



Rated operational voltage: 230VAC – 415VAC
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated continuous current: 6A – 35A
Operating temperature(Ta): -25Grad – 40Grad
IP rating: IP20 and IP66


Ordering Code Dimmensions

Code Cables a b c d e
GCF-M 16mm 4 core calbes 91 200 18 49 70
GCF-MⅡ 35mm 4 core calbes 110 265 20 75 85