Road pole

  1. The street is the aorta of a big city. The main lighting is a street pole, a lighting system that is street lighting to provide visibility to cars and not motorize. Road poles can change traffic conditions, cause driver fatigue, let go of road traffic capes, and monitor road safety. Garden lights, landscape lighting and street poles, the three-dimensional lighting methods that offset the effects of the design of street decorations, the night scene and the shortcomings of street lighting. Street poles must have an effective LED luminous flux, and the lamp source must have a long, long access and be maintenance-free for longer response. With high special effects and a good color rendering index, all personal characteristics can immediately be in their own environment with the same temperature values. In this stadium, street poles are generally used for fluorescent, high pressure sodium, metal halide, low pressure sodium, induction, metal halide, fluorescent, etc. Each, the main product of the street pole source is still the metal halide. In recent years, electrodeless lamp can make the streets symmetrical as our country is the energy saving and consumption reduction agent as a new art of lamp source can make the street-like symmetrical compared to lamp sources. Street poles will use solar energy to prevent glare from being heard. The transmitted light source is given by the angle of view, which is his and fell on the floor in a different pattern, the light source is well proportioned, the floor chromaticity is great and the glare is low. In order to hear the glare, the LED luminous flux can be manipulated with a different light intensity. Certain of the road cross-section method, overall width, rule for cars and non-motorized rights, road poles can be symmetrical on both sides of the road, overlap on both sides, be heard on one side and in the center of the suspension. In general, for streets with a total width of more than 20 meters and YingbinLi streets, a symmetrical view can be made on both sides. For streets with a total width of more than 15 meters, there may be overlapping floor plans on both sides. Narrow streets can be on one side.

    At intersections, turns, slopes, railroad crossings, sidewalks, and other unique addresses, road poles generally need to be set so that drivers and non-motorized vehicles can better understand road conditions. When illuminating the streets inside and outside the tunnel construction and the connecting streets from the urban street communities to the suburban streets, the ability of the driver’s eyes to adapt to the change in light sources must be taken into account. The output power of the street poles, the aspect ratio when installed and the vertical interval are the main main parameters of the design scheme for the LED luminous flux. The traffic pole and the flagpole consist of these three elements in order to achieve satisfactory actual lighting effects.


    The system software uses natural light as a power source, charges the battery during the day and uses it at night without complicated and expensive pipe paving. The appropriate arrangement of the lighting lamps can be adjusted at will. Safety, environmental protection, energy saving and zero pollution, battery charging and turning on and off the whole process. It has intelligent control system, control switch, no manual operation, stable and reliable work, saves water and electricity costs, is maintenance-free, and is suitable for street lighting and decoration in public places such as residential areas, family houses, ecological parks, urban squares, etc. The design of the lamp is made of die-cast aluminum materials such as metal materials and rubber products. The design is novel, unique, simple and easy. After spraying paint, electrostatic spraying and other corrosion-resistant solutions, the light tree lamp is long-lasting, combining ornamental value and applicability.

    Principle of the intelligent street poles: The electricity caused by the pole pieces of the solar panel illuminated by natural light charges the battery via the control panel, and the battery is converted into direct current for high-power electrical appliances (load) or according to the inverter- Power supply converted into alternating current for application. The software for the photovoltaic power generation system consists of solar collectors (group), solar collectors and batteries (group). If the output switched-mode power supply is to communicate with 380 V or 110 V AC, it must be equipped with an inverter. When designing the automation controller, the following factors should be taken into account:

    1. The total specific output power and service life of the load (high power electrical appliances) should be embedded in the total normal working time of the system software.
    2. Adequate local hours of sunshine;
    3. Local climate materials such as continuous rain conditions;
    4. The software address of the building system must be wide, and no stable buildings or other objects are allowed to block the sun in the place where the solar panel matrix is ​​installed.