Production and Processing Methods

  1. The LED smart street pole material adopts the high quality carbon steel Q235A manufactured by Baosteel AG. The silicon content of the stainless steel plate is not more than 0.04%. The sheet metal is bent and shaped by a large and medium-sized CNC bending machine, and the parallelism deviation does not exceed 0.05%. The impact resistance of LED street poles according to the design plan of 36.9 m / s above level 11 is designed, and the intensity of seismic fortification is level 8.
  2. The total height of the LED road pole is X meters, the upper specification is X mm, the lower specification is X mm, and the wall thickness is X mm. The bottom of the pylon contains a flange piece, and the mounting hole of the flange piece is X, which is installed on the base of the anchor bolt. (X is the main parameter set by the customer or the basic equipment of the company.)
  3. The welding process for aluminum alloy road pole is fully automatic arc welding, reliable electric welding, smooth surface, no substantial vents, weld scars, misalignment and other casting defects. The ultrasonic flaw detector fulfills the requirements of electric welding GBl1345 class II.
  4. The anti-corrosion solution of LED street poles uses hot-dip galvanizing inside and outside, and the whole process of hot-dip galvanizing goes through the whole process of pickling passivation, hot-dip galvanizing, water purification, phosphating treatment, passivation treatment, etc. The hot-dip galvanized surface of the layer is smooth and beautiful. The gloss of the multi-pole lamp is uniform. There are no wrinkles, scales, zinc tumors, peeling, dark spots, yin and yang surfaces. The thickness of the zinc layer is over 86 µm, which corresponds to the national industrial standard GB / T13912-92. The adhesion of the hot-dip galvanized layer meets the requirements of GB2694-88 and the service life against corrosion is more than 30 years.5. Nachdem der LED-Straßenmast feuerverzinkt wurde, wird elektrostatisches Pulverspritzen durchgeführt (Farbe kann ausgewählt werden). Das Garn wird vor dem elektrostatischen Sprühen gemahlen, um die Haftung zu verbessern. Die Trocknungszeit und -temperatur werden während des gesamten elektrostatischen Sprühvorgangs streng kontrolliert, um die Kunststoffschicht glatt, keine Belüftungsöffnungen sicherzustellen und gut zu proportionieren,. Die Dicke der elektrostatischen Sprühschicht beträgt ≥ 100 um, die Haftung erreicht GB9286-880, die Oberfläche ist glatt und die Intensität der hochpoligen Lampe beträgt ≥ 2H.
  5. High pole lamp is low carbon and environmentally friendly. It does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead, which is beneficial for purchase and use. It is not easy to cause interference signals. In general, LED tubes contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead. Electronic ballasts in LED energy saving lamps cause signal interference.
  6. It protects the eyes. Select the DC stabilized power supply driver, no flickering. In general, the lights are all communication AC drivers, which definitely causes the flicker to be bad for the eyes for a long time.
  7. High light output and low heat. 90% of the electromagnetic energy is converted into visible light. In general, only 20% of the electromagnetic energy in fluorescent lamps is converted into visible light. Converting the other 80% of electromagnetic energy into energy is a huge consumption compared to relatively limited resources.
  8. High security performance. The required working voltage and current are low, there is less heat and there is no safety risk.
  9. Suitable venues: streets, overpasses, underground garages, stadiums, cargo stations, seaports, airports and city squares for mass recreation and entertainment.